Sunday, July 25, 2010

I m Back !!!

Sorry was bit busy with my life but I m now back with the project.
I'll need some help from all the readers too from their field of expertise.
I'll now keep you all regularly updated about the project.
And "NO" this project is not dead its alive and still going.
Thanks all for your support :-)


  1. I can help.

    Yay! you are back!

  2. wow, I thought this was dead. glad you're back!

  3. Hip! Hip! Hurrah!
    With the return!
    I hope there is someone who can help you!
    Who will be able to hack the firmware!

  4. yay! hey we should make a forum that's right!
    man if you need money you could put a paypal or western union! i dont know bro i just want a higher video bit/sec recording rate in my zi8!

  5. And what this forum is bad?

  6. The enthusiasm is still high I can't wait for a new firmware ;)