Friday, April 23, 2010

Kodak Zi8 Developer Mode

From vimeo kodakhd group I came to know about the developer mode in the Kodak Zi8.
To enter the developer mode you just have to press buttons "Trash" - "Camera" - "On/Off" when turning on the Zi8.

This mode gives some on screen tests for calibration, defective pixel testing, other calibrations as well as the lens test. You can also reset your device to factory settings and format from the on screen menus.

One thing to note here is that "FW Version" cites a SDK_VERSION:3.5.1001 which may be the SDK used by Kodak to upgrade/setup the firmware.


  1. Thanks. I was almost ready to give up on this camera. The reset seems to have fixed everything.

  2. Thank you So Much!!! This was it... it helped resolve my problem otherwise I was going to throw this out.
    Shawn B.